“A jewel of a book”

Ram Charan, best-selling author and CEO advisor


The leadership star

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What People are Saying

“Leadership is a journey of continuous learning and self-development, and The Leadership Star provides many invaluable insights. Any leader, aspiring or accomplished, will find this book valuable. I thoroughly recommend it.”
Ryan Stokes, Managing Director and CEO of Seven Group Holdings Limited (SGH)
“Staff engagement is central to leadership effectiveness. Brian Hartzer’s Leadership Star framework offers a practical and powerful guide to achieving that necessary engagement. Whether you are a new leader or an experienced CEO, this book belongs on your desk.”
Bob Joss, Dean, Emeritus Stanford Graduate School of Business
“A bible for all start-up founders. This book offers a refreshing approach to leadership that shows you it’s possible to be caring and human at an individual level, while still moving the collective towards bigger goals as you build your business.”
Sarah Neill, founder and CEO, Mys Tyler
“Does the world really need another business book on leadership and management? I didn’t think so until I picked up this book.”
Carl Sparks, former CEO of Travelocity Global and Managing Partner, Interlock Partners
“As a CEO you need clarity and courage of your convictions, but you also need someone else’s guidance and counselling to help you along the way. Brian Hartzer is that sounding board, sharing his knowledge through the pages of this useful and practical leadership book.”
Kim McKay AO, Director and CEO, Australian Museum
‘In the age where it’s talent that creates value and drives the standards of society higher, the leadership imperative has changed from commanding to engagement. This book is practical, and based on the school of hard knocks, it’s real. It’s a jewel of a book. It’s new and it’s fresh.”
Ram Charan, best-selling author of The Amazon Management System and CEO advisor
“In writing this excellent book on leadership and people engagement, Brian draws on over twenty five years of experience in consulting and banking across three continents. In that time he has had periods of great success as well as times where he has faced significant challenges. These experiences have shaped him and his approach to leadership, resulting in a book which is both insightful and educational for all of those who aspire to be leaders rather than just managers.”
Sir Ralph Norris, former CEO, The Commonwealth Bank of Australia; Air New Zealand; ASB Bank
“Brian has taken the age-old idea of leadership and modernized it for the new abnormal we are navigating together. The ability to connect the leader through Caring, Context, Clarity, Clearing the Way, and Celebrating, are the fundamentals of creating a CULTURE of creativity, alignment, and playing together as one team. These operating principles are valuable for every leader at every level to connect with teammates and co-workers to ensure mutual success. We should all embrace the Leadership Star and make it our own.”
Carl Liebert, CEO, KWX; former CEO, autoNation; senior executive at USAA
“I greatly appreciated the chance to work with Brian, and a huge part of that is in the values he sets out in this book. He believes them and lives them, to great effect. The book read exactly like an expert practitioner passing on good advice. Clear, practical, well paced, The Leadership Star brings across well his passion for the subject. People are your most important ingredient in business and how to get the best from them is an ever-present priority.”
Stephen Hester, CEO, RSA Insurance Group